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The car battery is the heart of your car's electrical system,
powering your vehicle and its electrical components making it
critically important to keep at its best at all times and
when it becomes worn or damaged to have it replaced.
Come in to Battery Sales & Service today
to have your Battery checked and replaced if needed
with a high quality Battery at an affordable price!
We have the lowest prices with a large selection!


We will be happy to help with all your Car Battery needs!

Many Brands sizes and capacities in Stock

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Dual Pro ChargersDeltran - Battery TenderNorthstar

Car Battery Replacement


Battery Sales & Services Advantages:
* Affordable Car Battery options
* Car Battery Replacements
* Automotive, Semi, and light truck Batteries
* knowledgeable sales staff to make sure you get the correct battery
* Many Brands in stock at our locations Ready to be installed in your Car

Also available are accessory items for the batteries including
chargers, cables, connectors, Testers, tools and much more.

Wholesale Pricing - Batteries in Stock

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